DSI Manifesto Workshop, Rimini, 23 May 2017

Programme of the workshop

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08:30 -09:30 Registration and welcome coffee

09:30h – 10:30h
Welcome & agenda
  • Monique Calisti, Director and Partner of Martel Innovate, Coordinator of the ChiC Project
  • Andrea Gnassi, Mayor of Rimini
  • Eugenio Festa, The Rimini Wake Hub Initiative
  • Benedetta Zavatta, Il Palloncino Rosso
  • Introduction to the CAPSSI Manifesto workshop
    Stavroula Maglavera, University of Thessaly
10:30h – 12:00h
Innovation for the digital society: supporting citizens engagement
  • EU policy in support of citizen engagement: how to implement social change
    Loretta Anania, European Commission, Officer at DG Connect
  • Social Impact and a New Generation of Technology-Intensive Social Ventures
    Mario Calderini, Professor, School of Management, Polytechnic University of Milan
  • Innovation, social innovation and digital social innovation: what is new?
    Laura Sartori, Associate Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Bologna University
  • Innovation and empowerment as two sides of the same coin
    Gillian Youngs, Professor of Creative and Digital Economy – University of Westminster, London
  • Democracy, Civic Engagement, Transparency: the experience of the Municipality of Milan. Innovation in regulatory framework, experimentation in participatory practice.
    Lorenzo Lipparini, Councillor for Participation and Open data of Milan Municipality
  • Eugenia Rossi Di Schio, Councillor for Digital Innovation Rimini Municipality
12:00h – 12:45h
Statements from Digital Social Innovators: what is needed to make an impact
  • Manifesto Lessons from DSI4EU
    Peter Baeck, Head of collaborative economy research at Nesta
  • Making good our future. Insights from project OpenMaker
    Fiorenza Lipparini, Director of Research at Plusvalue
  • Net-diversity: Policies that promote an Organic instead of an Algorithmically Modified Internet
    Panayotis Antoniadis, Senior researcher ETH Zurich, co-founder NetHood

12:45h – 13:15h Lunch

13:15h – 14:30h
Round- tables working sessions [moderated by CAPS Projects leader]
  • Plenary Presentation of the Manifesto
  • Split in working groups

Group sessions 1:

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Communities

Group sessions 2:

Networked Democracy: What is the future for direct-democracy tools? What is the secret for successful citizen-engagement?

Group sessions 3:

Collective intelligence: adoption, interoperability, real needs of online communities, motivation, open data and privacy standards

Group sessions 4:

Digital Education and Internet for all: Investing in the Future, Millennials and Diversity of Voice

14:30h– 14:45h
Statements from Digital Social Innovators: what is needed to make an impact

Representatives of the CAPS EU-funded projects and relevant DSI initiatives will jump on stage for brief but impactful statement! In relation to their projects’ objectives and achievement, they will state what are the needs for real impact of digital social innovation efforts in Europe and beyond.

14:45h– 15:15h
Towards the DSI Manifesto declaration Report from round tables
  • The round tables’ leaders will be invited on the stage to present their input to the Manifesto
  • Open discussion, moderated by Antonella Passani, Partner of T6 Ecosystems
15:15h – 16.00h
Digital Social Innovation in Rimini
  • Lisa Rambaldi, Figli del Mondo
  • Ettore Valzania, Fratelli è possibile
  • Giulia Bubbolin, Cise
  • Annalisa Spalazzi, IT.A.CA
  • Giada Girardi, Webit
16:00h -16:30h
Poster presentation & sign-up of the Manifesto
  • Stavroula Maglavera, University of Thessaly
Closure & next Appointments
  • Monique Calisti, Director and Partner of Martel Innovate, Coordinator of the ChiC Project

18:30h Social Event



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