Lorenzo Lipparini Councilor for Participation, Active Citizenship and Open Data in the City of Milan

Lorenzo Lipparini

Lorenzo is Councilor for Participation, Active Citizenship and Open Data in the City of Milan.

A social and political activist, he is an experienced campaigner for civil and political rights. As a member of the libertarian movement “Radicali Italiani” he campaigned for the introduction of assisted reproductive technology, living will, and equal marriage legislation in Italy; he pushed for drug legalization. He is among the international supporters for a universal moratorium on capital punishment and is politically engaged for a united, federal Europe.

He worked at the European Parliament as coordinator of the Radicali delegation in the Liberal-Democrat Group; he also worked as project coordinator for NGOs. He is the author of an unofficial biography of an eminent Italian political figure (“Formigoni, biografia non autorizzata”).


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