Giada Girardi Digital Analyst at Webit

Giada Girardi

Giada Girardi is a Digital Analyst at Webit, a web-communication agency specialized in digital strategies for companies from different sectors.
After the degree in Tourism Economics, she took a second master degree in Business Administration and Management at University of Bologna, studying deeply the peculiarities of making business in the service industry.
Her main interests in digital innovation and international business were essential to build her final dissertation, which investigated how social media and the online communication can help companies in developing business abroad.
Thanks to an experience as export manager in a manufacturing company, she put into practice how digital instruments can support business and sales in foreign countries. She believes that having a business strategy is fundamental in the online world to obtain the desired results, having the advantage that everything is measurable on the web and could be easily adjusted according to the feed-backs received by the market. Today her passions for the strategic management and the digital innovation come together: she works in Webit as digital consultant with the aim of helping companies in their strategies’ definition on the world wide web


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