Fiorenza Lipparini Founding Partner and Director of Research at PlusValue

Fiorenza Lipparini

At PlusValue, Fiorenza Lipparini is a Founding Partner and Director of Research. She is leading on research activities and focusing on social entrepreneurship, socio-economic impact assessment tools and techniques, digital social innovation and funding, governance and evaluation of multi-stakeholder partnerships for the delivery of societal goods.
She has worked together with the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre to research project IESI – ICT enabled social innovation led by social enterprises for the implementation of the Social Investment Package. She is involved in EU funded projects DOLFINS (Distributed Global Financial Systems for Society) and ShakerMaker (Harnessing the power of Digital Social Platforms to shake up makers and manufacturing entrepreneurs towards a European Open Manufacturing ecosystem) and coordinates the Citizen engagement and stakeholder campaigns of EU funded project REIsearch for Atomium – European Institute of Science, Media and Democracy.
Before founding PlusValue, Fiorenza was EU Policy Senior Analyst at the Young Foundation, where together with Filippo she raised over 3 million euros in EU grants in 2015, leading on a research project on Social investment for growth and jobs in partnership with the European Policy Centre. Before joining the Young Foundation she spent 4 years in Brussels working as a policy analyst for Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest banking group in Italy, with a particular focus on EU innovative financial instruments for non-for-profit organisations, social enterprises and SMEs. Together with Filippo Addarii and Indy Johar she has authored several policy and research reports, including “From Good to growth. Promoting social investment and public good to stimulate the European economy” in Paolo Garonna & Edoardo Reviglio (Ed.), Investing in Long Term Europe: relaunching fixed, network and social infrastructure, Rome: Luiss University Press, 2015; Making impact real. Why the role of social infrastructure and public good investment are key to stimulating the European economy and how we can encourage them. London: The Young Foundation, 2015; Making Good our Future. Exploring the new boundaries of social innovation in manufacturing. Social Innovation Europe Policy paper, 2015.
Her publications also include ‘ICT-Enabled Social Innovation to support the Implementation of the Social Investment Package – Mapping and Analysis of ICT-enabled Social Innovation initiatives promoting social investment in integrated approaches to the provision of social services: IESI Knowledge Map 2015’; in Misuraca, G., Kucsera, C., Lipparini, F., Voigt, C., Radescu, R.; (2016) EUR 27838 EN; doi:10.2791/743181; “Lo Strumento di garanzia per il settore culturale e creativo” in “Strumenti Finanziari e opportunità di  finanziamento dell’Unione Europea per la Ricerca e l’Innovazione 2014-2020”, APRE, 2013 and “The evolution of EU relations with the Mediterranean Area”, in Economic relations between Italy and the Mediterranean area. Report 2012, Napoli, Giannini Editore, 2012.


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